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Gianfranco Iervolino

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Italian pizza makes the most of the shapes, dough structures, cooking methods and toppings of local traditions.
punto n. 1 del Manifesto della Pizza Italiana Contemporanea, 2012

Francesca Romana BARBERINI conduttrice televisiva

The Italian Contemporary Pizza Manifesto

The sixth edition of PizzaUp (5-7 November 2012) ended with the drafting of the Italian Contemporary Pizza Manifesto: 10 ethical/professional principles for all pizza makers, to define what is meant by a tasty and healthy pizza, as well as affordable access to fine Italian cuisine. 
The Italian Contemporary Pizza Manifesto opened up a new road for high-end, creative pizzerias, and brought together for three days in Vighizzolo d'Este (Padua) a working group that included (in alphabetical order) Francesca Romana Barberini, Eleonora Cozzella, Piero Gabrieli, Elena Maccone, Renato Malaman, Paolo Marchi, Paolo Massobrio, Gianluca Mazzella, Davide Paolini, Luciano Pignataro, Monica Piscitelli and Chiara Quaglia. 
The Manifesto, which came out of research and continuous dialogues with pizza makers throughout Italy carried out by Università della Pizza® over the previous 5 years, is the "live" result of an in-depth, lively discussion and debate on the standards of a dish of Italian cuisine and tradition par excellence. It can make a vital contribution to the dissemination and knowledge of the great Italian ingredients, in addition to being a driver for the qualitative and quantitative development of the entire agri-food sector. 
All thanks to the creativity of those pizza makers who give importance to the technical aspects of flour, yeast and ways of preparing and baking pizza, who choose the raw materials, from the wheat to the toppings, with a careful eye on easy digestibility and nutritional characteristics.


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  • Food is an act of faith

  • The strength of Italian pizza is its diversity

  • The quality of a pizzeria is that of its worst ingredient

  • The recurring "food scares” of the last few years lie at the roots of a “fall in confidence” among consumers, due also to a growing sensitivity to environmental issues, which translates in terms of daily consumption into a significant, albeit not predominant, "demand for safety". 
    (Luigi Pellizzoni in Metronomie, year XIII June-December 2006)

  • Pizza is the best-known food product in the world, and the countless imitations do not always refer to the Italian model. However, pizza is not the same all over Italy and, taken individually, none is more "authentic" than the others.

  • The quality of a pizzeria is that of its worst ingredient
    The quality of food is a broad concept, which becomes a concrete advantage for the consumer only if those preparing and serving it take care when selecting the ingredients. And the ingredients also include the staff, the cleanliness, the premises, the service...

images of some of the steps of the Manifesto photographed by Thorsten Stobbe at PizzaUp 2012


A Manifesto is drawn up when it is wished to translate thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, as well as ethics, rules and principles into a programme. Not in the sense of an imposition, but for consideration. The Italian Contemporary Pizza Manifesto opens a debate on the road to quality in the pizzeria, in the sense of an inseparable combination of product (Italian pizza) and its creator (the pizza maker). The name of the Manifesto is not casual, but is also the result of a "live" debate among the authors of the document. Italian Pizza to stress the importance of diversity and Contemporary to highlight the search for easy digestibility in line with changing lifestyles. Hence, tradition in the flavour (pizza using local ingredients) and innovation in the technique (adapted to contemporary lifestyle). A first interpretation of the Manifesto was given on the last day by the teams of pizza makers who had prepared a tasting for the journalists attending. Then, from that moment on, all of them applied some or all of the points below according to their own vision. Università della Pizza® bases its teaching on the entire Manifesto, to better steer course participants towards the goal of high quality in the pizzeria.

Manifesto della Pizza Italiana Contemporanea

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